Any major alteration of an existing machine or system is usually associated with a replacement or extension of the control system used. Depending on the age of the machine or system, this also requires an adaptation of the existing safety technology to the state of the art.

Machines and systems must be checked in the course of the risk assessment according to German Industrial Safety Regulation (BetrSichV). In many cases, the normative requirements have risen or the service life of the safety components used has already been exceeded. The replacement of the components or adaptation of the control system is necessary anyway.

The required components or safety components for very old control systems may have been discontinued which makes an update impossible. As a consequence, continued operation of the machines or systems may no longer be possible. In these cases, an exchange of control is essential.

In addition the adjustment of the control system, it must be determined to what extent a significant change may have occurred. If there is a significant change, a renewed CE certification is necessary.

In order to provide you with comprehensive support in such cases, we offer the following:

  • Safety assessment of your machine / system

  • Risk assessment according to German Industrial Safety Regulation (BetrSichV)

  • Concept development to adapt to the state of the art

  • Engineering of the entire mechanical and tax technical (electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic) necessities

  • Implementation of control technology including commissioning

  • Validation of all technical alterations

  • • CE marking of the entire machine / system