Besides the necessity of CE compliance of machines and plants employers have to ensure that work place safety is realized according to the Occupational Safety and Health Act (German “Arbeitsschutzgesetz”). Without checking and clearance of work place safety risks employers face a huge risk of damage claims.

After employing a appointed representative for work safety (German “Sicherheitsfachkraft”) and checks by an occupational physician many more tasks have to be accomplished to ensure work place safety.

Our services:

  • Risk assessment compilation
  • Effectivity checks
  • Frequent work place inspections with solution proposals
  • Frequent work equipment checks according to inspection plan (BetrSichV*****)
  • Accident analysis
  • Operating manual compilation (machines, dangerous substances, biological substances)
  • Dangerous/hazardous substance register draft, dangerous substance management
  • Emergency and escape plan creation
  • Fire protection plan compilation
  • Lightning protection plan compilation
  • Emergency case concept compilation
  • Warning sign erection
  • Health and safety briefings for employees
  • Explosion protection documents for required zones
  • Technical safety assessments of machines according to BetrSichV (Amendment 1)

Our team has long standing experiences in work place safet and protection and we are here to assist you.

Additional we offer realisation services:

  • Fire protection concept realization
  • Lightning protection concept realization
  • Electro-magnetic risk evaluation based on requirements of BGV B11****

Our goal is realizing work place safety and protection in your company legally compliant and economically efficient.