Companies often neglect technical documentation, as it is a necessary evil, which just costs money.

On the other side the legal situation is very clear and the highest German court (BGH) has considered the absence of an instruction manual a basic violation of the manufacturer’s delivery obligation (BGH 1991, VIII ZR 165/91). So the absence of the instruction manual is a quality defect leading to contract fee reduction.

Additionally the absence of technical documentation which automatically includes the lack of clarification on residual usage risks, may lead to legal responsibility in case of damages.

Recourse claims and resulting costs due to the lack of technical documentation are often underestimated risks and the costs in case of damages can cripple companies.

Our team members have long standing expertise in instruction and operating manual compilation. With our help you comply with EN 82079 regulations regarding technical documentation. We like to assist you with the realisation of this norm requirements.

Our services:

  • EN 82079 usage consulting
  • Operating instruction compilation
  • Operating manual compilation
  • Maintenance and repair book creation
  • Installation instruction writing
  • Security manual compilation
  • Support with a modular system for handbook creation
  • Content management system building
  • Translation into all EU languages

Our goal is creating a lasting and cost efficient technical documentation system for our clients which protects against recourse claims.