In case of changes of machines or plants it is not clear whether a new CE label is necessary or just a retrofitting of safety features. This problem is solved by a safety features assessment of the changed machine or plant. This is legally based on the Betriebssicherheitsverordnung**** and the Produktsicherheitsgesetz****. The first by its first amendment requiring the assessment, the second defining what a substantial change is.

In the case of a substantial change the machine or plant is considered as “new” and needs a new CE label. Otherwise the retrofitting of the safety technology must comply with the state of technology. This is vital for safety functions built in into old machines and plants, complying to outdated or already withdrawn norms.

Our services:

  • Safety assessment for plants and machines
  • Safety related retrofit machine assessment
  • Assessment based safety concept compilation
  • Consulting for refitting efforts needed for directive compliance
  • Refitting phase controlling
  • Refitting validation of all necessary parts

Doing this we restrict efforts to legally binding and economically manageable measures.

Our team members expertise of 20+ years has helped clients of many industries:

  • Automotive supplier
  • Steel
  • Machine and plant engineering
  • Large engine producers
  • Power plant technology
  • Process industry