The European Union regulates nearly all technical products through directives and guidelines, establishing the need for a CE labelling as a basis for free trade and sakes within the EU without national constraints. In the standard scenario the manufacturer does the conformity assessment for his products by himself before he is allowed to CE-label the product. In case of misuse of the CE-label the producer faces charges by the market control bodies. In extreme cases the product has to be withdrawn from the market.

We help your business covering the CE assessment for your products, ensuring directive compliance, so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Our services:

  • CE assessment for new products
  • Directive and norm investigation and evaluation
  • Market control body constraint support
  • Assessments for products already in the market
  • Safety assessment for plants and machines
  • Retrofit machine assessment
  • Directive compliance assessment for current demonstration documents
  • CE process implementation support

Our team members expertise of 20+ years has helped clients of many industries:

  • Automotive supplier
  • Steel
  • Machine and plant engineering
  • Large engine producers
  • Power plant technology
  • Process industry

We cover requirements by the following directives:

  • Machine directive
  • Low voltage directive
  • EMC directive
  • RoHS directive
  • Pressure equipment directive
  • ATEX directive
  • Construction products regulation