CE Label

The CE marking is representative of compliance with the minimum safety standards for technical products in the European internal market. It is the basis for a free and safe inner market trade without national…


Funktionale Sicherheit von Maschinen und Anlagen

Functional Safety

Machinery and equipment involves a lot of safety risks that can cause lasting damage to human health and the environment. If the risk is reduced by means of the control technology or process control technology, the components used must…


EG Konformitätsbewertung Niederspannungsrichtlinie

Conformity Assessment

In the European Union, almost all technical products are regulated by directives or regulations and require a CE mark before they can be distributed in the EU without further national restrictions. As a rule, the manufacturer has to carry out a…



Asian engineer discussing plans on construction site

Machine and Plant Assessment

It is not always easy to see whether a CE marking is necessary when changing a machine or system, or whether a safety retrofit is sufficient. This problem is solved…


Technical Documentation

Technical Documentation of Machines and Plants

The technical documentation is neglected by many companies, since it represents a necessary evil from the perspective of companies, with no money to earn. On the…


Arbeitssicherheit und Arbeitsschutz

Work Safety and Protection

In addition to the proper CE marking of a machine or plant, the operator must ensure that all requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act (“Arbeitsschutzgesetz” in Germany) are met. Without consideration…